DBI specialises in Refractory installation throughout Ireland from multinational companies to local SME’s. We cater for both small and large contracts, from initial site inspection to successful completion and sign off.

DBI always carry an extensive range in large quantities of Refractory Materials, Ceramic Fibre and Body Soluble fibre, all high quality products.   In addition to the above products we also carry stocks of high temperature and insulation Firebricks and Mortars with special shapes being supplied to order. 

DBI have the facilities for producing Precast, Kiln Cured items to your design at our premises on Blackrock Road in Cork.

We carry all the necessary equipment to perform all refractory installations and in addition we can offer all the relevant support structures such as Mechanical and Scaffolding etc.

The following highlight the various industries we service and support:

Chemical Industry

Chemical Waste Incinerators, Steam Boilers, Gas Scrubbers, Boiler Exhaust Gas Turbines, Fertiliser Plants, Power Reformers.

Petroleum Industry

Furnace Heaters, Reactors, Exhaust Gas Turbines, Ground Flares, Oil Fired Steam Boilers.

Alumina Industry

Calciners, Furnaces, Holding Vessels, Reactors, Boilers.

Steel Industry

Pre-Heat, Continuous, Carbonising, Tempering and Salt Bath Furnaces.

Glass Industry

Glass Melting Furnaces, Tempering Furnaces

Power Generation

Coal, Peat and Gas Fired Boilers, Clinker Crushers, Exhaust Gas Turbines, Boiler Exhaust as Chimneys.

Peat Industry

Peat Fired Boilers, Dryers, Gas Ducts, Ash Hoppers.

Sugar Industry

Coal, Oil and Gas Fired Boilers, Lime Kilns, Pulp Drying Furnaces, Ducts.

Food and Drink

Coal, Oil and Gas Fired Boilers, Drying Furnaces.

Cement Industry

Rotary Lime Kilns, Static Cement Kilns, Oil Fired Boilers.


Wood Chip Furnaces, Paper and Domestic Waste Incinerators.